Reliable and powerful
A powerful, reliable and economical generating set diesel engine built on the dependable Volvo in-line six concept.

Low cost of ownership
World class fuel efficiency combined with a reliable engine aftertreatment system offers high uptime as well as low cost of ownership. No downtime for regeneration or decreased service intervals compared with competetive products.

Compact and simple installation
SCR technology selected by Volvo does not increase amount of cooling capacity needed. The result is an engine and aftertreatment system that is easy to install with minor impact on existing installation layout. Installation guidelines as well as drawings and CAD models are easy to access.

Durability & low noise
Volvo’s long experince with SCR systems in combination with base engine development reduces risk of downtime. Well-balanced to produce smooth and vibration free operation with low noise.

Powerful package
High power density in a compact package with dual stage turbo charging. Excellent load step performance according to ISO 8528-3 G3 governing class.

Low exhaust emission
Efficient injection as well as robust engine design in combination with SCR technology contributes to excellent combustion and low fuel consumption. TWD1663GE complies with US EPA and CARB Tier 4i emissions.

Easy service & maintenance
Easily accessible service and maintenance points contribute to the ease of service of the engine.


Технически данни
Двигател TWD1663GE
Работен процес 4-stroke
Конфигурация на цилиндрите 6
Диаметър (mm) 144
Ход (mm) 165
Compression ratio 16.5:1
Обем (litres) 16.12
Мощност (конски сили) 806-891
Максимални обороти (rpm) 1800
Информация за продукта: