Volvo Penta Easy Connect MC

Volvo Penta Easy Connect MC

Such has been the popularity of its Easy Connect boating app in other marine segments that Volvo Penta has announced that it is to expand the application to include commercial vessels. It is designed to provide the next step in the company’s ambitions to simplify customers’ operations and business. By making key vessel and engine data available from a smart device, it provides valuable insights that help increase uptime, efficiency and productivity.

How the Easy Connect boating app works
Easy Connect is a tool that creates a portable dashboard – through a smart device – that consists of a boating app that is paired with an onboard Bluetooth® interface installed in the boat, which transfers data. Suited to a wide range of Volvo Penta engines built since 2010, this gives access to route and engine data in real time when onboard during a journey, but also stores data as reference. And not just while on board: data can be accessed from multiple devices via a cloud-based service; for use by operators, fleet owners and the service dealer. With a Map View users can also check current position and routes traveled. As an option, navigation charts from Navionics can be uploaded for further precision. The data provided by the boating app can be used for route planning, monitoring engine data and fuel consumption. Once Volvo Penta Easy Connect has been installed, the user receives regular updates through the app that unlock further features and functions.

“Whether you’re an operator of one or a fleet of vessels, Easy Connect gives many possibilities that help make operations and business more efficient and productive,” says Volvo Penta product expert, Maria Andreasson. “By providing key vessel data in real-time, as well as logging data for future use, this boating app helps prepare, plan and continuously improve operations. In this way it’s possible to increase vessel uptime, efficiency and productivity. The screen can be personalized, allowing users to choose what information to display, and gauges can be rearranged to preference on the screen.”

Increased uptime with speedy response
Volvo Penta knows that for marine commercial operators time is money, which is why the company has developed time saving efficient support through the Easy Connect boating app. The app lets users view and share fault codes in real time. These fault codes can then be emailed directly to dealers. The dealer can respond quickly and appropriately, making sure that the right parts and tools are brought to the job for a first time fix. Dealers can also be given permission to connect to vessels through the cloud, allowing them to be proactive and spot issues before they become problematic for the operators.

Volvo Penta Easy Connect Marine Commercial





 Efficiency & Productivity
The application has a Logbook feature, where information regarding previous journeys is stored, such as date, distance, end time and fuel consumption. The Easy Connect app’s ability to review where individual boats are and monitor fuel consumption and faults allows users to schedule refueling and servicing. The data collected can help plan trips and analyse the most cost effective routes, as well as compare trips and other parameters. The insight gained can lead to improvements such as better routes, reduced fuel consumption and emissions – and ultimately, reduced total cost of ownership.

Easy Connect boating app – power at your fingertips
Installed on a smart device the Easy Connect app puts data at marine commercial users’ fingertips so they can monitor their vessel or fleet onboard, or from a land-based location. Onboard engineers (within the Bluetooth range on the vessel) can use the app to monitor engine data – engine temperature, fault codes etc. – all while working in the engine room. They can also get access to the owner’s manuals stored on the app – helping increase uptime.

Volvo Penta understands that being connected isn’t just an advantage in the modern world it’s an imperative. Easy Connect now puts commercial fleets in the palm of their operators. The app is an evolving tool, with updates being developed that unlock further features and functions in the app.